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Enjoy FREE SHIPPING when you spend $100 or more!
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The Creator & The Mommy

AK Candles is a new Premium Soy Wax Candle company run by a woman with a love for amazingly fragrant candles and a busy corporate career. In her down time, she enjoys trying a new recipe, cleaning, and of course, being a mother. The inspiration behind a lot of the fragrance selections are a combination of her imagining a trip to the beach or a weekend trip to the spa for a bit of relaxation.. also known as Mommy- Me Time. Sometimes you just need a good fragrant candle to top off a good cleaning session. Her daughter is also a major player in this dynamic duo with her keen sense of smell and approvals that sound a bit like, "Mommy this one smells good!" We present to you, premium soy candles made from domestically grown soy beans with high quality fragrances to provide some of the best candles you've ever owned. Who doesn't love an amazing candle?